How we help you tell your story, build your brand, and connect with your clients

  • Strategic initiatives

    Great projects start with great ideas. Great ideas with lousy execution are nothing more than wishful thinking. Every great idea needs a great plan. We use good tools, good planning, good data, making for efficient and effective execution.

  • Creative

    We are here to help you tell your story and communicate what is important to you. We try to be effective storytellers. We bring artistry, passion, conviction, determination, diligence, in an attempt to bring your story to life while trying to provide the ultimate experience to your audience. We work in multiple disciplines including design, direction, integration and project management.

  • Logistics

    With an extensive background in production, technical theater, and event coordination we are able to provide simple yet elegant solutions to complex and highly technical production challenges. With offices in Orlando and Las Vegas and a nationwide network we can assist you in your vision no matter where it takes you.

  • Design

    The design for your event is as important as design is to any other living space. We provide solutions to every successful event with which we are involved. We are not only keenly interested in how your event looks but we are much more interested in how your event works. Your event can’t just look good, it has to function well and reach your goals in a highly efficient and effective manner.

  • Procurement

    We’ve been doing this a while and along the way we have made some great friends who have become awesome partners. Our strong relationships in all areas of our industry allow us to find exactly what is best suited for your project.  We don’t claim to know it all or have it all in an infinitely ridiculous cavernous warehouse so big it has its own weather and tidal patterns. However, you be amazed at the simple elegant and cost effective things we find as well as some of the cool stuff we build. We believe that every project in which we are asked to participate deserve the very best we can offer.

  • Execution

    We are about big ideas and everybody has them. The difference is not everyone can execute their ideas. Great ideas deserve great execution.  We will ask a ton questions and then we will shut up and listen so we completely understand what you wish to accomplish.  Our team members are leaders in the industry, with a reputation for delivering creative, innovative, and high quality product. .