who we are

We are storytellers, inventors, artists, cheerleaders, and scientists who endeavor to give your guests an engaging immersive experience with your message front and center. We could talk about awards we won and great feats of accomplishment, we could talk about our credentials and history but we would rather hear your story.

We choose to be successful but not at the expense of kindness.  We choose to be kind but not at the expense of success.  We believe being successful is important to you. You being successful is extremely important to us and so the stewardship of your project is held in the highest regard.

We are much more interested in learning than regurgitating our resumes. We like to hear about you, and what gets you excited. We are here to serve and we will do anything you ask except check our integrity at the door or lose money.

We understand your reputation is on the line and so is ours. So we are with you in whatever capacity you need from procurement to production we hope to deliver incredible value.

Our main office is located in Orlando Fl with another office in Las Vegas. However, with over 20 years in the event business we have a vast network that allows us to plan and execute shows all over the country.

We are full service event planners that have the staff, skills, and expertise to build you and your guest an immersive experience. We specialize in executing those hard to plan events that most other planners can’t or won’t do. When your doing an event in Orlando, Miami, or Las Vegas give our event planners a call!